Top 5 Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

Top 5 Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

Dogs are one of the most common human pets. They are fantastic and friendly creatures and a part of many families. Dog walking is a straightforward activity that helps improve dogs’ health and wellbeing. It also helps the dog walker exercise and bond better with the dog.

It has been reported that dog walking helps dogs feel more relaxed, happier, and energetic. Dog walking does not only allow the groomer or walker to exercise but also to socialize. Just imagine the number of smiles and compliments you can get walking a cute dog.

Dog groomers or professional dog walkers like dog walker Las Vegas use some great apps. These are useful for different aspects of the business.

Five Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

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These apps would also help make your work easier and fun. These apps include:

  • iFootpath

iFootpath is a paid application for about £1.99. It is available for iOS, Android, and also Apple devices. It is not only useful for dog walking but also has several other uses. iFootpath makes dog walking fun by giving you different ideas from the regular.

You might want to change your routine activity or try a new path. iFootpath is the go-to app for an easy and insightful switch. There are many already made terrains such as hill walks, city walks, and more. By simply inserting your postal code, footpath helps you get options for your walkout.

The app also furnishes users with guides for the suggested terrain and useful pictures. You also have the opportunity to add your walk. Therefore, if you don’t have a routine already planned out, check out iFootpath. It is also useful if you want to explore new terrain.

  • Tractive Dog Walk

Tractive dog walk is a free app that you’ll find helpful while walking your dog. It would help make your walk more adventurous. Tractive dog walk detects your location with the help of a GPS tracking device.

The dog owner can also track locations with the GPS feature. One remarkable feature is the fact that you can take pictures matching the exact location.

With Tractive Dog Walk, you can share your walk experience with people in real-time. Tractive Dog Walk is available for both iOS and Android gadgets.

  • Scout

Scout is another fantastic free dog walk and pet sitting software. Scout is a specially designed app for professionals involved in pet care. Scout also helps you plan and keep track of your schedules.

The app allows you to edit and update your appointments as you go about your business. You can also save useful information about every pet. With Scout, the pooch owner interacts with the trainer easily about the activities done.

The owner can also track their pooch walk on their devices. Dog owners can also select a member of staff for the walk. It helps the pet owner feel like a part of your business team.

  • Wave

Aside from having fun and helping pets enjoy healthier lives, you are also in business. Wave is a software that helps make your invoicing easy.

Wave is a useful tool programmed to help small businesses with their accountancy. To use this software, you might need to use it together with Smart Pay from Wave. It would enable users to make payments for your services without invoice generation.

Wave makes payment easy and can also help track payment. This app takes one significant business burden off your shoulder. Therefore, you have fewer things to worry about.

  • Puppr

Getting this app is free, but there are in-app purchases. This app goes beyond dog walking, but it is a useful tool for dog trainers. Getting this app in your gadget as you do your business might come in handy.

Some pooches make the work difficult sometimes. This challenge would primarily be related to their training. Puppr furnishes you with video tutorials on dog training. It helps a great deal to improve dog behavior, thereby making your job easier.

This software provides you with dog training lessons from professional dog trainers. It exposes you to tricks you can employ in making dogs better.

Getting the most out of this app would cost some bucks. Considering the benefits and the fact that you will also be having access to a helpline, it’s worth it.


Dog walking could be fun, especially when it involves well-behaved dogs. There are many other useful applications for dog walking. The apps above are highly recommended and play various unique roles in helping your pet training business.