• Finance & Accounting

    5 Mobile Apps To Manage Your Accounting

    Are you on the road regularly? To keep an eye on its cash flow, quickly edit invoices and take stock of its regulations, download a mobile application dedicated to your accounting. On the train, between two appointments or at the hotel, you never lose sight of your financial goals, while having the necessary to update your accounting documents. General Accountant Plan Let’s start with the basics: the accounting plan! If you manage your own accounting, admit that it is not always easy to remember account numbers. The PCG app – General Accounting Plan on Android and the SOS Compta app on iOS will save your life at any time. Very…

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  • Website & eCommerce

    4 Key Factors To Make Your E-commerce Site A Success

    The Internet has now become the fastest and surely most effective way to communicate. In recent years, it has not only been used by companies for e-commerce, but by large commercial firms; for which it has become the ideal tool to make themselves known and grow their business. E-commerce, also called e-commerce, is the exchange of goods, services or information through computer networks, especially the internet. This is where e-commerce sites come in. These are platforms specializing in online sales. They are designed to inspire customer confidence and allow them to shop as if they were in a shopping mall. But it’s not enough to create or build an e-commerce…

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  • Communication

    Alternatives to WhatsApp: The Top 7 Instant Messaging Apps

    Purchased for more than $16 billion in 2014 by Facebook, the WhatsApp app now has more than 1.5 billion active users in at least 180 countries around the world. These figures rank it among the most widely used applications in the world. Facebook’s takeover drew strong criticism from data protection experts. Indeed, many implications of Facebook and its other applications have been noted in some security breaches that have cost the leak of personal information of many users. It is these suspicions that lead these experts to advise users to use safer messaging services. But what are the best alternatives to WhatsApp that you can fall back on? Read this…

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  • Website & eCommerce

    Top 7 Best Cms To Create Your Website In 2021

    To have more traffic on a website and to be able to retain its visitors, it is essential to offer quality content such as images, videos and texts. Similarly, it is important that this content is well published and administered. Indeed, this colossal task cannot be carried out without a good content management system, the CMS. It therefore seems essential to choose the CMS well when creating its website. What CMS should then choose to create its website given their ever-increasing number on the market? To help you make the best choice, we’ve listed for you in this article a list of the best CMS to create your website in…

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  • Productivity

    The 13 Best Mobile Apps To Increase Your Productivity

    Assessing our productivity, measuring our personal time, having good management of our projects, both individual and team is not always familiar or easy. Fortunately, there are tools that are available to all and can not only greatly improve these aspects, but also make the task easier! Internal communication, information management, time organization and even ideas are issues that are largely important to the individual as well as to businesses of any size. Sometimes, in a distraction-filled virtual world, we need external means to support and help our productivity. Now it is possible to access mobile applications created only for this reason: increase efficiency. Project Organization More and more, our projects…

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  • Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

    Top 5 Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

    Dogs are one of the most common human pets. They are fantastic and friendly creatures and a part of many families. Dog walking is a straightforward activity that helps improve dogs’ health and wellbeing. It also helps the dog walker exercise and bond better with the dog. It has been reported that dog walking helps dogs feel more relaxed, happier, and energetic. Dog walking does not only allow the groomer or walker to exercise but also to socialize. Just imagine the number of smiles and compliments you can get walking a cute dog. Dog groomers or professional dog walkers like dog walker Las Vegas use some great apps. These are…

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