Alternatives to WhatsApp: The Top 7 Instant Messaging Apps

Alternatives to WhatsApp: The Top 7 Instant Messaging Apps

Purchased for more than $16 billion in 2014 by Facebook, the WhatsApp app now has more than 1.5 billion active users in at least 180 countries around the world. These figures rank it among the most widely used applications in the world. Facebook’s takeover drew strong criticism from data protection experts. Indeed, many implications of Facebook and its other applications have been noted in some security breaches that have cost the leak of personal information of many users. It is these suspicions that lead these experts to advise users to use safer messaging services. But what are the best alternatives to WhatsApp that you can fall back on? Read this article and you’ll find out more.


If you’re looking for an app with the same or almost WhatsApp features with better security, Telegram is just what you need. Indeed, this application to guarantee the security of its users offers two kinds of encryption.

  1. “Secret Chat” encryption that is done from start to finish. With such encryption, only the recipient and sender are aware of the content of the message.
  2. Server-client encryption is used for all private and group exchanges. It encrypts the content of messages between the server and the sender and between the recipient and the server.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram tells you through a double check mark that the recipient has received your message. It automatically deletes a message after a certain amount of time you have chosen. With Telegram, it’s more than 200 million users worldwide.


Signal is an application that can work on all kinds of mobile devices. It’s also free. With Signal, you won’t regret abandoning WhatsApp, as it also offers video calls as audio. It can also be used on a computer. Signal uses two types of encryption: end-to-end and open-source. With Signal, only the sender and sender can read the messages. The data backup feature does not exist on Signal. Users can then let messages disappear after setting the automatic deletion interval beforehand.


Skype is one of the oldest instant chat apps and one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. You’ll need to log in with an ID. It is used both for free audio and video calls. It’s a multiplatform application, as it also has a web version that sees important updates every day. However, it should be noted that Skype is very greedy in terms of energy consumption. It’s one of the most widely used instant chat apps in the workplace. It has gone from a P2P service to Cloud.


It is an e-mail application that relies on dialogue. Designed as a collaborative application, it can also serve as a means of group discussion. With Spike, your electronic inbox is transformed into an instant chat platform, but you don’t have to insert the signature or object.

To ensure perfect security for its users, Spike encrypts all data before transmitting it via AES-256. This data is also stored on its servers with a single key for each message. This app can be used by the multiplatform web application, but also by other native apps for Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows.


Swiss-born, Threema is an instant messaging app. Its encryption system is end-to-end. To further ensure your security, the messages sent are automatically deleted from the server once the recipient has read it. Similarly, contact lists and groups are not transmitted on the server, but on mobile devices. Unlike WhatsApp, the instant chat app does not store or communicate metadata.

With Threema, it’s not just the protection of your data that you’ll be amazed at. Indeed, it also offers you many features. With Threema, you will enjoy a voting function. This feature allows users to exchange polling and voting tools. It will be very useful when it comes to giving your opinion on a meeting place, a date and so on. However, it should be noted that this application is paid for with a very limited number of users.


Wire is one of the newest instant chat apps. It was launched in 2014. The number of users is not yet known to date. It is an application that also cares about the safety of its users. It uses end-to-end encryption from Open Whisper Systems. Unlike the Signal app, the “share your contact list with the app” option is not mandatory. You also have the option to disable metadata storage.

Unlike other chat apps, you can make calls in your focus group. This is made possible by the Voice over IP technology it has. The Wire app has personal and business accounts. However, the personal account is free and the professional account is paid.

With Wire, you can put your text in italics or bold if you want or add smart lists if necessary. When it comes to your files, you can optimize them to make them easier to share. Just like the Signal app, you can determine an automatic deletion interval for your messages. Even if it pays off, you can use it simultaneously on 8 devices.


Available in multiple languages, this instant chat app has the same arguments as most other apps. It offers the ability to exchange messages, audio, video or photo files without forgetting stickers. With Viber, you can easily find your friends just with their phone number.

On the other hand, what differentiates the latter from other instant chat applications is the very low cost of its calls to conventional phone numbers. The application applies a lower rate than those applied in some countries between telephone networks.