5 Mobile Apps To Manage Your Accounting

5 Mobile Apps To Manage Your Accounting

Are you on the road regularly? To keep an eye on its cash flow, quickly edit invoices and take stock of its regulations, download a mobile application dedicated to your accounting. On the train, between two appointments or at the hotel, you never lose sight of your financial goals, while having the necessary to update your accounting documents.

General Accountant Plan

Let’s start with the basics: the accounting plan! If you manage your own accounting, admit that it is not always easy to remember account numbers. The PCG app – General Accounting Plan on Android and the SOS Compta app on iOS will save your life at any time.

Very intuitive, they allow you to rank your expenses as best as possible to ensure a balance sheet just at the end of the year.


An online expense management and billing tool, Artinove also comes in android and iOS apps. You quickly visualize the state of your cash, while being able to write quotes live. You can even get the customer to sign them directly on your smartphone! This way, you don’t waste time when a prospect accepts your offer. He signs immediately and you don’t want him to change his mind.

Ciel Business Mobile

The famous Sky accounting solution also has a mobile app on Windows Phone and iOS. You have access to all your accounting data: your turnover, your expenses, your invoices waiting for payment, your performance indicators. At any time, you are able to take stock of your situation to make the necessary decisions.


Designed by the accounting firm Axens, the eponymous application is aimed at the heads of TPE and freelancer who need to regularly take stock of their financial situation. The tool developed by these experts allows to perform simulations of borrowing and income tax, to avoid surprises.

The Axens application also offers assistance in calculating wages (gross, net, with expenses), mileage allowances, EWB, but also the calculation of the VAT rate. It is recommended to avoid errors in invoices, load calculations or forecast budget.


RoboCompta defines itself as the “1st 1st 100% Cloud -Mobile automatic accounting solution.” Accessible on all media, the tool has an Android and iOS version, to take anywhere.

His strong point? The app syncs your bank statements (more than 120 banks are partners) with your bills. It is updated in real time on all terminals. In addition, RoboCompta offers statistics on your accounting activity and key performance indicators (revenue, margin rate, profit, etc.).

Do you have several companies or brands? This tool manages several tax years simultaneously.

All these applications are designed to facilitate your business and accounting management, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. Don’t hesitate to use them to keep an eye on your cash, no matter where you are!