10 Tools I Don't Use Very Often But Love Them When I Do!

*but love them when I do!

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Show Me What's Wrong. Lets user click to create a screencast & email it to me to diagnose computer problems.
Let Me Google That For You. Helps explain search syntax and how to refining queries for better results.

(Bookmark from http://lmgtfy.com/)

DownForEveryone? Check to see if a website is really down or if you have a bad connection.
Phreetings. Enter a keyword. Drag & drop resulting image (or video) and add text. Quick webpage or greeting!
OurStory. Create a collaborative interactive timeline with text, photos and videos.

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Shiny Search. Create a customized Google search screen with your name & choice of design. Kids are in awe!
Closr.it. Create a zoomable widget of any photo for your blog, wiki or webpage.

(Bookmark from http://closr.it/)

WebSlides. Turn your Diigo bookmarks into a slideshow.

(Bookmark from http://slides.diigo.com/)

Pho.to. A suite of photo editing tools: photo gallery, photo editing, cartoon and avatar creation, special FX, frames, & more.

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AuntyTech - Mon, 07/25/2011 - 16:22


A strange collection of web tools....

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I really like this staxx. It

I really like this staxx. It has a lot of good and cool tools to use. I've already used shinysearch :-). Please create more staxx!