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5 Mobile Apps To Manage Your Accounting

Are you on the road regularly? To keep an eye on its cash flow, quickly edit invoices and take stock of its regulations, download a mobile application dedicated to your accounting. On the train, between two appointments or at the hotel, you never lose sight of your financial goals, while having the necessary to update your accounting documents.

General Accountant Plan

Let’s start with the basics: the accounting plan! If you manage your own accounting, admit that it is not always easy to remember account numbers. The PCG app – General Accounting Plan on Android and the SOS Compta app on iOS will save your life at any time.

Very intuitive, they allow you to rank your expenses as best as possible to ensure a balance sheet just at the end of the year.


An online expense management and billing tool, Artinove also comes in android and iOS apps. You quickly visualize the state of your cash, while being able to write quotes live. You can even get the customer to sign them directly on your smartphone! This way, you don’t waste time when a prospect accepts your offer. He signs immediately and you don’t want him to change his mind.

Ciel Business Mobile

The famous Sky accounting solution also has a mobile app on Windows Phone and iOS. You have access to all your accounting data: your turnover, your expenses, your invoices waiting for payment, your performance indicators. At any time, you are able to take stock of your situation to make the necessary decisions.


Designed by the accounting firm Axens, the eponymous application is aimed at the heads of TPE and freelancer who need to regularly take stock of their financial situation. The tool developed by these experts allows to perform simulations of borrowing and income tax, to avoid surprises.

The Axens application also offers assistance in calculating wages (gross, net, with expenses), mileage allowances, EWB, but also the calculation of the VAT rate. It is recommended to avoid errors in invoices, load calculations or forecast budget.


RoboCompta defines itself as the “1st 1st 100% Cloud -Mobile automatic accounting solution.” Accessible on all media, the tool has an Android and iOS version, to take anywhere.

His strong point? The app syncs your bank statements (more than 120 banks are partners) with your bills. It is updated in real time on all terminals. In addition, RoboCompta offers statistics on your accounting activity and key performance indicators (revenue, margin rate, profit, etc.).

Do you have several companies or brands? This tool manages several tax years simultaneously.

All these applications are designed to facilitate your business and accounting management, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. Don’t hesitate to use them to keep an eye on your cash, no matter where you are!

4 Key Factors To Make Your E-commerce Site A Success

The Internet has now become the fastest and surely most effective way to communicate. In recent years, it has not only been used by companies for e-commerce, but by large commercial firms; for which it has become the ideal tool to make themselves known and grow their business.

E-commerce, also called e-commerce, is the exchange of goods, services or information through computer networks, especially the internet. This is where e-commerce sites come in. These are platforms specializing in online sales. They are designed to inspire customer confidence and allow them to shop as if they were in a shopping mall.

But it’s not enough to create or build an e-commerce site to immediately become the platform you’ve always dreamed of !!! There are some things to avoid, some tricks to know; to make your e-commerce site the new Amazon of modern times. This is the purpose of this article that gives you 4 tips to succeed your e-commerce site.

Choose the right e-commerce solution

When we embark on the creation of an e-commerce site, we are quickly overwhelmed by the multitude of choices available to us. Free offers, paid solutions, we get lost very quickly in this ocean of possibility if we do not have a clear idea of our expectations. But then, what should we choose?

It should be remembered that we generally have two great possibilities when you want to launch your online store: SaaS platforms and specialized e-commerce CMS.

Saas or “Software as a Service” are tools that are usually installed on a server. They can be used for specific tasks. These platforms are regularly maintained, given the large number of people who use them.

However, they do not offer a complete takeover of your site. The choices are mostly limited to the design and back office of the site. Also, you don’t decide which host for your site. However, this solution remains one of the most used with platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce!

The CONTENT Management System (CMS) are all well-supplied platforms that allow you to quickly set up your site.  These are the new outsiders in creating online sales site. The main CMS are Prestashop, Magento or WordPress with its famous WooCommerce extension.

With this solution, you have all the access to your site and you can customize it entirely. Additional features can be added using the extension system.

To choose the most appropriate e-commerce solution for you, there are several factors you need to consider: the time available, your technical knowledge, the level at which you want to control your site.

Put in place a marketing strategy from the start

One of the most common mistakes when starting an e-commerce is to focus on the site design itself; without thinking about the other facets that are no less important. This is mainly your marketing strategy. There’s no point in designing an online sales site if you can’t add content to it. It would be a bit like building a villa without furnishing it.

Do I have a logo? Is my graphic charter existing? Have I already available content (text) for my site? Are my product sheets already written? These include the questions you must ask yourself when you go into e-commerce.

As far as the logo and graphic charter are concerned, they must be defined according to your sales sector and your visions. Several online services allow you to receive free logo proposals based on certain features related to your site. You should also know that content is one of the most important aspects on the internet. “Content is King” as webmasters are used to saying.

Writing good description sheets, good product listings and tests will not only help you improve the referencing of your site, but also put your future customers in confidence.

Think about your customers

Just like a football field without goals, a customer-free e-commerce site is not a very enticing prospect for your business. So you have to think as much as you can about your customers when building your site. Indeed, the user experience nowadays decides whether or not companies that are entering e-commerce or dropshipping. Your customers need to be able to feel confident, safe when browsing your site. They must be able to benefit from an ergonomic and user-friendly interface on your site.

So, in your process of creating an e-commerce site, don’t forget to put this statement in the corner of your head: “The customer is king.”

Don’t neglect the security aspect

With the multitude of existing technologies, it is now possible to create an e-commerce site very quickly. But remember this, no one wants to be robbed of their money, even a penny. For an e-commerce site, security is surely the most important point to emphasize. Indeed, the multitude of choices available to us is a double-edged sword. It is important to know this and make your choices right. This will prevent you from turning your shop into a hunting ground for evil people.

Some rules are not to be overlooked for e-commerce sites. First of all, whether you are a connoisseur or not, you have to document yourself. You need to know the e-commerce solution you are using, know where to find help in the event of a problem. Then you need to inform your customers about the safety rules through sales conditions and regular alerts. Opt for payment platforms known for their security.

Creating an e-commerce site is a challenge. It takes patience, perseverance, but also a lot of vigilance.

Alternatives to WhatsApp: The Top 7 Instant Messaging Apps

Purchased for more than $16 billion in 2014 by Facebook, the WhatsApp app now has more than 1.5 billion active users in at least 180 countries around the world. These figures rank it among the most widely used applications in the world. Facebook’s takeover drew strong criticism from data protection experts. Indeed, many implications of Facebook and its other applications have been noted in some security breaches that have cost the leak of personal information of many users. It is these suspicions that lead these experts to advise users to use safer messaging services. But what are the best alternatives to WhatsApp that you can fall back on? Read this article and you’ll find out more.


If you’re looking for an app with the same or almost WhatsApp features with better security, Telegram is just what you need. Indeed, this application to guarantee the security of its users offers two kinds of encryption.

  1. “Secret Chat” encryption that is done from start to finish. With such encryption, only the recipient and sender are aware of the content of the message.
  2. Server-client encryption is used for all private and group exchanges. It encrypts the content of messages between the server and the sender and between the recipient and the server.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram tells you through a double check mark that the recipient has received your message. It automatically deletes a message after a certain amount of time you have chosen. With Telegram, it’s more than 200 million users worldwide.


Signal is an application that can work on all kinds of mobile devices. It’s also free. With Signal, you won’t regret abandoning WhatsApp, as it also offers video calls as audio. It can also be used on a computer. Signal uses two types of encryption: end-to-end and open-source. With Signal, only the sender and sender can read the messages. The data backup feature does not exist on Signal. Users can then let messages disappear after setting the automatic deletion interval beforehand.


Skype is one of the oldest instant chat apps and one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. You’ll need to log in with an ID. It is used both for free audio and video calls. It’s a multiplatform application, as it also has a web version that sees important updates every day. However, it should be noted that Skype is very greedy in terms of energy consumption. It’s one of the most widely used instant chat apps in the workplace. It has gone from a P2P service to Cloud.


It is an e-mail application that relies on dialogue. Designed as a collaborative application, it can also serve as a means of group discussion. With Spike, your electronic inbox is transformed into an instant chat platform, but you don’t have to insert the signature or object.

To ensure perfect security for its users, Spike encrypts all data before transmitting it via AES-256. This data is also stored on its servers with a single key for each message. This app can be used by the multiplatform web application, but also by other native apps for Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows.


Swiss-born, Threema is an instant messaging app. Its encryption system is end-to-end. To further ensure your security, the messages sent are automatically deleted from the server once the recipient has read it. Similarly, contact lists and groups are not transmitted on the server, but on mobile devices. Unlike WhatsApp, the instant chat app does not store or communicate metadata.

With Threema, it’s not just the protection of your data that you’ll be amazed at. Indeed, it also offers you many features. With Threema, you will enjoy a voting function. This feature allows users to exchange polling and voting tools. It will be very useful when it comes to giving your opinion on a meeting place, a date and so on. However, it should be noted that this application is paid for with a very limited number of users.


Wire is one of the newest instant chat apps. It was launched in 2014. The number of users is not yet known to date. It is an application that also cares about the safety of its users. It uses end-to-end encryption from Open Whisper Systems. Unlike the Signal app, the “share your contact list with the app” option is not mandatory. You also have the option to disable metadata storage.

Unlike other chat apps, you can make calls in your focus group. This is made possible by the Voice over IP technology it has. The Wire app has personal and business accounts. However, the personal account is free and the professional account is paid.

With Wire, you can put your text in italics or bold if you want or add smart lists if necessary. When it comes to your files, you can optimize them to make them easier to share. Just like the Signal app, you can determine an automatic deletion interval for your messages. Even if it pays off, you can use it simultaneously on 8 devices.


Available in multiple languages, this instant chat app has the same arguments as most other apps. It offers the ability to exchange messages, audio, video or photo files without forgetting stickers. With Viber, you can easily find your friends just with their phone number.

On the other hand, what differentiates the latter from other instant chat applications is the very low cost of its calls to conventional phone numbers. The application applies a lower rate than those applied in some countries between telephone networks.

Top 7 Best Cms To Create Your Website In 2021

To have more traffic on a website and to be able to retain its visitors, it is essential to offer quality content such as images, videos and texts. Similarly, it is important that this content is well published and administered. Indeed, this colossal task cannot be carried out without a good content management system, the CMS. It therefore seems essential to choose the CMS well when creating its website. What CMS should then choose to create its website given their ever-increasing number on the market? To help you make the best choice, we’ve listed for you in this article a list of the best CMS to create your website in 2021.


It’s a good bet you’ve heard of WordPress at least once. It is simply the best and most popular open source CMS available on the market with more than 60 million users. It obviously holds its popularity because of its free since it is only necessary to have accommodation to easily install its site. Originally designed to be a blog platform, many extensions have been added to allow users to use it as a functional content management system. With these extensions, it is easier to create all types of websites: member sites, forums, blogs and online shopping stores.

With WordPress, more than 50,000 plugins and templates are available for free for the creation of a website. It also offers installation fairly quickly thanks to an assistant (Wizard). Similarly, the proposed URLs are suitable for search engines and therefore facilitate good referencing.


Joomla is the second most popular open source content management software (CMS) in the world after WordPress. It has more than 2.5 million installations worldwide. It’s a software that is well suited to beginners and professionals, but its interface is not as user-friendly as WordPress. Joomla offers as soon as the basic installation many features necessary to create a website without necessarily resorting to extensions.

Similarly, this software has good documentation in the form of an online book and an active community forum to accompany you in the process of creating the website. Joomla also has a multilingual support out of the box. This allows you to do without extensions or plugins to add other languages to your site. With Joomla, you have more than 8,000 different extensions to make any type of site.


Here is also another big name of the open source CMS market. Although less popular than the previous two, Drupal is used by some popular websites around the world. It owes this popularity to its level of security. And it is the latter that reassures government organizations, medical institutes and universities to adopt it. This content management software is not unlike the first two suitable for people who do not have a great knowledge in development. Similarly, Drupal has a more powerful taxonomy system than its competitors.


Unlike the content management software (CMS) presented so far, Shopfy is not open source and free. We are dealing with high-performance online software that facilitates the creation of an e-commerce site with little basic development knowledge. Beginner or expert in website creation, with Shopify, you give free rein to your imagination and inspiration to design the best showcase of your brand.

With Shopify, you won’t need to subscribe to web hosting before designing your site. Indeed, it is a hosted tool with a simple and intuitive configuration and administration interface.


PrestaShop is also a CMS software dedicated to the management and creation of an e-commerce site. These services have been used by more than 300,000 electronic stores around the world. It has therefore become a reference in the creation of e-commerce sites. PrestaShop comes in two versions: the open source version and the online version. The open source version is cheaper than the second version, but still requires subscription to hosting. The second version already has accommodation and offers ease of configuration. This CMS software also offers many features and extensions for creating a quality e-commerce site with very good designs.


Jimdo is an online website creation software. Whether it’s a paid or free version, you can create a quality site in just a few minutes, whether it’s an e-commerce site or a blog. Jimdo supports its users in choosing the perfect design of the site in creation and its referenced content. With a simple and intuitive interface, this CMS software is very suitable for beginners in development since it avoids the necessary transition to coding. It also offers HTTPS encryption standards to make its users’ data as secure as possible.


E-monsite is an online site creation software. Simple and easy to use, this CMS software can be used by beginners in web development in creating e-commerce site or any type of blog. It also allows web development experts to add HTML, CSS or JavaScript codes to their will to customize available plugins.

The 13 Best Mobile Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Assessing our productivity, measuring our personal time, having good management of our projects, both individual and team is not always familiar or easy. Fortunately, there are tools that are available to all and can not only greatly improve these aspects, but also make the task easier!

Internal communication, information management, time organization and even ideas are issues that are largely important to the individual as well as to businesses of any size. Sometimes, in a distraction-filled virtual world, we need external means to support and help our productivity. Now it is possible to access mobile applications created only for this reason: increase efficiency.

Project Organization

More and more, our projects of all kinds can be done online, or even with our smartphone. For example, as we had all probably experienced at least once, understanding through online communications can sometimes be compromised. To avoid this kind of conflict or problem, it is possible to download mobile applications helping in all areas of a work away.

Applications for TeamWork

When it comes to teamwork, it is necessary to plan projects and plan them according to the load. In fields as varied as construction companies, churches or government groups these applications for group work will make the happiness of many.


Trello is one of the main organizational services that presents itself as being inspired, clear and convenient to grasp. In short, Trello’s principle is to create tables in which we can design columns. By default, we found three subtitles: To Do, In Course, and Completed. We can therefore assign a column only to the state of the work. In other words, we can even develop maps that can be swiped from one column to another. These maps can represent one aspect of the project or even assign a particular job to a single member.

With Trello, it is therefore possible, for each map or aspect concerning the project, to leave our comments, spread the tasks, channel information and follow the progress all in one place and with a simple glance.


Slack is a tool that helps centralize the services of many applications. Often, employees who work as a team have to manipulate a significant amount of information using a variety of applications depending on their needs. However, these services are available on different IT platforms, making all these activities very complicated to manage.

Otherwise, Slack is a collaborative platform for bringing together work, links and conversations from many applications in one place. This allows employees (and individuals) to track the progress of different projects in a less compartmentalized and separate way, as well as to build their projects as a team – without constraints, without email overload. This application is the digital solution, allowing for internal threads of discussions, to chat in instant messaging with team members and to create private groups to communicate with certain members only. Distinguished from other mobile tools, they allow you to synchronize your conversations with external applications to get real-time notifications.

Slack also has a search function, a document download/import tool, and an analytics system that can report on usage statistics for other members.


Asana is a very easy-to-handle application, allowing up to fifteen employees free of charge on a single workspace. This tool allows you to manage teams on projects and job advancements without using e-mails. The management of activities and drafts with Asana can be seen unlimitedly. Without any other way, this application breaks down into several work tasks, which then consist of several projects that are still subdivided into tasks.

Applications for Individual Work

Occasionally, we encounter the need to organize our ideas, to classify our personal work or even to have to pursue a job alone. Don’t worry, there are also tools for single workers!


The well-known PowerPoint is no longer unique in its field. Today we have access to an alternative: Prezi. This tool is a multiplatform presentation software. Accessible literally anywhere, anytime, Prezi uses a well-known concept: the cloud. That is, if we start a presentation, no matter what the genre, on a browser and want to finish it using our mobile phone, it is now possible! Obviously very advantageous for students, Prezi offers an efficient editing of information as well as a quick visualization of these instructions.


In this same area, Murally happens to be a versatile tool for creating tables, pinning ideas, composing reminders, lists, inserting images, sounds, videos – and all with the drag and drop function. These many mobile applications are recommended as much if you are a small agency as an association, collective, group or single person organizing a project. It happens to be simple to understand and for the most part.

Helping with Personal Time Management

Managing your own time is not giving to everyone. In fact, for virtual workers, it’s usually easy to waste time and negatively affect our productivity without even realizing it. Social networks, among others, not only play a huge role in our private lives, but can sometimes encroach on our professional lives. For anyone who needs a helping hand with effective driving in itself, the services are also accessible to you!

Rescue Time

RescueTime is a service completely designed to find out if you are productive. It works in the background and allows you to determine your level of performance. Very basic as an application, you only need to press the icon to access a summary of the day’s statistics. By accessing a dashboard, you can view each website visited, digitized in several categories: News, Utilities, Business, Social Networks, etc. Each column is assigned a productivity ranking. We can organize each category to contain the necessary sites, depending on our work.

In addition, RescueTime also contains a graph to better understand the evolution of our productivity over the course of the day. There are three analysis periods available to us: Statistics of the Day, Week and Month. It is also possible to generate productivity analysis reports, identify the most productivity-friendly days, and set goals.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused is a service that closes the digital world – when the need arises. Sometimes there are impediments — either a big exam or even a deadline to come and you really need to focus. Turning off your mobile device isn’t always an option, because you could actually get a call or get an important message, but at the same time, you don’t want to get distracted by other apps like Facebook or Twitter.

With Stay Focused, simply select apps that are guilty of eating your time and you can temporarily block them! This app is for anyone who wants to block distracting apps for a certain period of time. Just target the outside applications to block, the duration of their barrage and the trick is played!


Similarly, there is also the app called AppBlock, which also allows you to put down usage restrictions. A little more advantageous, this service anchors the possible hours of handling as well as the number of launch possible for each application individually.

To apply a restriction, simply tap the Application Name section and insert the name of the app you want to restrict. It’s even possible to have your mobile display an alert message on your mobile device if you’re trying to launch the program like this!

Forest : Stay focused

Forest: Stay focused is designed to help you stay away from touching your smartphone for 30 minutes.

The principle is to plant a seed in a small pot of flowers. As soon as the seed is planted, you will no longer have to use your phone for 30 minutes or you may not let your seed grow and become a tree. If you resist temptation and don’t leave the app to play a game or surf Facebook, then you’ll have the opportunity to see your tree among many others in a virtual forest.

Help with Self Management

It is also possible to feel overwhelmed by our own things to do. To avoid extra stress on personal tasks, it is possible to download apps that offer a service to help manage our individual affairs.


Mailchimp is the online solution for managing email. This application allows for a wide range of functions: create and send newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track campaign performance. This app brings all our inboxes together in one place, allowing you to see the whole thing with a quick and easy look.


In this same area, there is also the well-known service SaneBox. Very useful when combined with the Mailchimp app, SaneBox is a great tool for keeping valuable time. This service verifies emails in numerous inboxes and identifies unnecessary and intrusive messages, often emed spam or commercial messages. With this solution, you can effectively manage your online messaging and earn more on your personal productivity level!


In addition, applications like Evernote and Subtask will go a long way in helping to organize your notes and manage yourself. Evernote centralizes all notes, regardless of format (iOS, web, text, photo) or the device used. With this application, it is possible to write, add PDFs in notes, group notes in notebooks, organize writings by place through an atlas and even chat with collaborators. In short, it is up to everyone to take ownership of the tool and find its multiple uses.


Subtask is designed to organize and structure ideas in one place using Mind Mapping – or to build projects from start to finish with a graph. Here, it is possible to think in real time alone or as a team, in the same room or in different countries. Instantly, each change is synced and backed up – without having to do anything.

Tons of apps at your service!

As for using apps on our mobile devices, why not make our time as operational as possible? Just download the app that fits perfectly with our need and start using it. Without hesitation, these applications will save you time and help you perform your work, both individually and as a team.

Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

Top 5 Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

Dogs are one of the most common human pets. They are fantastic and friendly creatures and a part of many families. Dog walking is a straightforward activity that helps improve dogs’ health and wellbeing. It also helps the dog walker exercise and bond better with the dog.

It has been reported that dog walking helps dogs feel more relaxed, happier, and energetic. Dog walking does not only allow the groomer or walker to exercise but also to socialize. Just imagine the number of smiles and compliments you can get walking a cute dog.

Dog groomers or professional dog walkers like dog walker Las Vegas use some great apps. These are useful for different aspects of the business.

Five Must-have Phone Apps When Dog Walking

Picture of Dog walking

These apps would also help make your work easier and fun. These apps include:

  • iFootpath

iFootpath is a paid application for about £1.99. It is available for iOS, Android, and also Apple devices. It is not only useful for dog walking but also has several other uses. iFootpath makes dog walking fun by giving you different ideas from the regular.

You might want to change your routine activity or try a new path. iFootpath is the go-to app for an easy and insightful switch. There are many already made terrains such as hill walks, city walks, and more. By simply inserting your postal code, footpath helps you get options for your walkout.

The app also furnishes users with guides for the suggested terrain and useful pictures. You also have the opportunity to add your walk. Therefore, if you don’t have a routine already planned out, check out iFootpath. It is also useful if you want to explore new terrain.

  • Tractive Dog Walk

Tractive dog walk is a free app that you’ll find helpful while walking your dog. It would help make your walk more adventurous. Tractive dog walk detects your location with the help of a GPS tracking device.

The dog owner can also track locations with the GPS feature. One remarkable feature is the fact that you can take pictures matching the exact location.

With Tractive Dog Walk, you can share your walk experience with people in real-time. Tractive Dog Walk is available for both iOS and Android gadgets.

  • Scout

Scout is another fantastic free dog walk and pet sitting software. Scout is a specially designed app for professionals involved in pet care. Scout also helps you plan and keep track of your schedules.

The app allows you to edit and update your appointments as you go about your business. You can also save useful information about every pet. With Scout, the pooch owner interacts with the trainer easily about the activities done.

The owner can also track their pooch walk on their devices. Dog owners can also select a member of staff for the walk. It helps the pet owner feel like a part of your business team.

  • Wave

Aside from having fun and helping pets enjoy healthier lives, you are also in business. Wave is a software that helps make your invoicing easy.

Wave is a useful tool programmed to help small businesses with their accountancy. To use this software, you might need to use it together with Smart Pay from Wave. It would enable users to make payments for your services without invoice generation.

Wave makes payment easy and can also help track payment. This app takes one significant business burden off your shoulder. Therefore, you have fewer things to worry about.

  • Puppr

Getting this app is free, but there are in-app purchases. This app goes beyond dog walking, but it is a useful tool for dog trainers. Getting this app in your gadget as you do your business might come in handy.

Some pooches make the work difficult sometimes. This challenge would primarily be related to their training. Puppr furnishes you with video tutorials on dog training. It helps a great deal to improve dog behavior, thereby making your job easier.

This software provides you with dog training lessons from professional dog trainers. It exposes you to tricks you can employ in making dogs better.

Getting the most out of this app would cost some bucks. Considering the benefits and the fact that you will also be having access to a helpline, it’s worth it.


Dog walking could be fun, especially when it involves well-behaved dogs. There are many other useful applications for dog walking. The apps above are highly recommended and play various unique roles in helping your pet training business.